Want to know "How to Download Private YouTube Videos"

Downloading private YouTube videos on your Android device allows you to access exclusive content and enjoy it offline at your convenience.

While YouTube doesn't provide an official download option for private videos, there are alternative methods available.


In this step-by-step tutorial, we will guide you through the process of downloading private YouTube videos on your Android device using Termux, a powerful command-line emulator.

By following this tutorial, you can unlock a world of private YouTube videos and save them directly to your device's storage for offline viewing.

We will walk you through the installation of Termux, granting necessary permissions, and executing the commands to download private YouTube videos seamlessly.

With each step clearly outlined, you'll be able to navigate the process effortlessly, regardless of your technical expertise.

Get ready to enhance your YouTube experience by having access to exclusive private videos anytime, anywhere

How to Download Private YouTube Videos in Desktop

Step 1: Firstly download ByClick Downloader (formerly YouTube By Click) which is a dedicated tool renowned for downloading high-quality YouTube videos.

Step 2: This versatile tool not only supports YouTube but also allows you to download videos from popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and more.

Step 3: To download private YouTube videos, access the "Option" button and navigate to the "Accounts" tab. Request access from Chrome if logged in and revoke it if necessary.

Step 4: Copy the URL of the private YouTube video and let ByClick Downloader automatically detect it.

Step 5: Once the video is detected, choose to download the complete video or only the audio, providing flexibility in the downloading process.

Step 6: ByClick Downloader is not limited to private videos; you can also use it to download public YouTube videos in any desired format.

Note : This tool is specifically designed for Windows, ensuring compatibility and a seamless experience.

How to Download Private YouTube Videos in Android

Step 1: Begin by accessing the Google Play Store on your Android device and proceed to download an application called Termux. If needed, you can find the backup APK link to ensure a successful installation.

Step 2: Once Termux is installed, open the application to initiate the process. You are now ready to execute a series of commands that will enable you to download private YouTube videos.

Step 3: Start by running the command "termux-setup-storage" within the Termux app. This command grants the necessary storage permissions required for downloading and storing videos.

Step 4: Navigate to the downloads folder by entering the command "cd ~/storage/downloads" in the Termux app. This command ensures that the videos will be saved in the designated folder for easier access.

Step 5: In termux run the following command

Step 6: After successfully executing the previous commands, you can proceed to download any private YouTube video you desire. Use the following command structure:

"youtube-dl [YouTube URL] -u [your account] -p [your password]." Replace the placeholders with the appropriate values, including the YouTube URL, your account, and password.

Step 7: Once you have entered the command with the relevant information, the Termux app will initiate the download process. The selected private YouTube videos will be fetched and saved within the downloads folder.

Step 8: To access the downloaded videos, navigate to the "Downloaded" section within the Termux app. This section displays all the private videos you have chosen to download, making them easily accessible for future viewing.

Step 9: By following these steps, you can effectively utilize Termux and its associated commands to download private YouTube videos on your Android device. Enjoy the convenience of having those videos readily available within the Termux app for offline viewing.

How to Download Private YouTube Videos in IOS

Step 1: If you are an iOS user, head to the App Store and download the A-Shell application. This app will enable you to follow a similar process to download private YouTube videos on your iOS device.

Step 2: After installing A-Shell, launch the application to begin the procedure. You will need to execute specific commands within the app to initiate the downloading process.

Step 3: Start by running the command "pip install youtube-dl" in the A-Shell app. This command installs the necessary dependencies for accessing and downloading private YouTube videos.

Step 4: Once the installation is complete, you can proceed to the next steps. It's worth noting that the A-Shell app on iOS may have slightly different functionalities compared to Termux on Android.

Step 5: Open the YouTube app or website and locate the private video you wish to download. Remember to copy the URL of the video as you will need it for the subsequent steps.

Step 6: Return to the A-Shell app and use the appropriate command to download the private YouTube video. The exact command may vary, so consult the app's documentation or help resources for the specific syntax to use.

Step 7: Provide the required information within the command, such as the YouTube URL, your account credentials, or any other relevant details. This ensures that you have the necessary permissions to access the private video.

Step 8: Execute the command within the A-Shell app, and the download process will commence. The private YouTube video you selected will be fetched and saved within the app or a designated folder on your iOS device.

Step 9: Once the download is complete, you can access the downloaded private video within the A-Shell app. Look for a designated section or folder that displays all the downloaded videos for convenient access


Remember, downloading private YouTube videos requires proper permissions and the use of dedicated tools like Termux.

 With the installation process, granting necessary access, and executing the commands, you can effortlessly retrieve private videos and save them to your device's storage.

Now, you can explore a whole new world of private YouTube videos and indulge in their captivating content without relying on an internet connection.

Whether it's educational content, tutorials, or entertaining videos, you can enjoy them on the go.

However, it's essential to respect the copyright and privacy policies of YouTube and its creators.

 Ensure that you have the necessary rights and permissions to download and use private videos for personal purposes only.

We hope this tutorial has empowered you to make the most of your YouTube experience by unlocking exclusive private videos on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Are there any legal restrictions on downloading private YouTube videos?

Downloading private YouTube videos without proper authorization or violating the content creator's rights may infringe copyright laws. Make sure to respect intellectual property rights and only download videos for which you have proper permission.

Q2. Can I share downloaded private YouTube videos with others?

Sharing downloaded private YouTube videos may also infringe copyright laws unless you have explicit permission from the content creator. It's advisable to use downloaded videos strictly for personal use.

Q3.What should I do if the video downloader app fails to download a private YouTube video?

If the video downloader app fails to download a private YouTube video, ensure that you have entered the correct access credentials and that the video is indeed downloadable. If the issue persists, try using a different video downloader app or consult the app's support resources.

Q4.  Is it possible to download private YouTube videos on iOS devices?

Yes, similar steps can be followed to download private YouTube videos on iOS devices, but the specific apps used may vary. The process generally involves using a browser app and a video downloader app compatible with iOS.

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