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A bustling ecosystem where creators and viewers converge, YouTube fosters a vibrant community that thrives on interaction and engagement.

Amidst the sea of comments that flood beneath every video lies a fascinating feature that captures attention like none other: the highlighted comment.


But what exactly is a highlighted comment, and what makes it so compelling? Delving into the intricacies of this enigmatic phenomenon reveals a multifaceted world where algorithms, human interaction, and the pursuit of relevance intertwine.

Join us on a captivating journey as we unravel the mysteries behind YouTube's highlighted comments, exploring their significance, their origin, and the intricate web of factors that determine their selection.

Prepare to delve into the perplexing world of YouTube's highlighted comments and discover the captivating forces at play beneath the surface of this seemingly simple feature.

Uncover the secrets, nuances, and fascinating details that make highlighted comments a crucial aspect of the YouTube experience.

Where Might You Come Across Highlighted Comments?

Highlighted comments can be found across various social media platforms and websites. For instance, on Facebook, when someone posts a comment on your status or photo, and it gains a lot of traction, it may be highlighted.

Similarly, if someone comments on a popular public post, their comment may also be highlighted. On Twitter, notifications of highlighted comments can appear in the form of "likes" or "retweets" from other users.

On YouTube, a "highlighted comment" feature lets creators and viewers highlight a comment by clicking on the timestamp. This comment will then appear at the top of the comments section and may even be featured in the video itself.

Additionally, on blogs or news websites, when someone posts a comment that receives a significant amount of likes or replies, it might be highlighted and pinned to the top of the comment section with a link to view it.

Overall, highlighted comments can be discovered in various places online, giving users the opportunity to engage with popular discussions and keep up with viral content.

What is Highlighted Comment in YouTube (Updated 2023)

A highlighted comment on YouTube is a way for the video creator to feature a specific comment at the top of the comment section. When a comment is highlighted, it appears in a different color and is positioned above the other comments.

This can increase the visibility and importance of a specific comment, drawing attention to it and potentially generating more engagement around it. Highlighted comments can also be pinned, keeping them at the top of the comment section even as newer comments are added.

This feature is especially useful when a video receives a lot of comments and the video creator wants to draw attention to a particular comment or response.

Additionally, viewers can highlight comments themselves by using the 'Highlight comments' feature, which allows them to select a specific comment and insert a timestamp, making it easier for other viewers to find and engage with that comment.

How to make a comment highlighted on YouTube?

  • Highlighted comments on YouTube are a feature that gives more visibility to specific comments.
  • To make a comment highlighted, you can reply to a post with a timestamp or mention the person who created the comment.
  • Selecting the "highlighted reply" feature when replying to a comment will make your response stand out.
  • You can also highlight a comment that is not yours by mentioning the username of the original commenter in your own comment.
  • Turning on notifications for a specific video or post allows you to receive notifications when someone highlights your comment.
  • Highlighted comments are a way to increase engagement and interaction on the platform.
  • Understanding the intricacies of highlighted comments can help users navigate the YouTube community more effectively.

How to Get the URL of Highlighted Comments?

  • To get the URL of a highlighted comment on YouTube, locate the comment section and find the specific comment you want to highlight.
  • Click on the timestamp underneath the comment to open the comment on its own page.
  • Highlight the comment text by selecting it with your mouse or trackpad.
  • Copy the highlighted text by right-clicking and selecting "copy" or pressing "Ctrl + C" on your keyboard.
  • Go to the address bar of your browser and paste the text using "Ctrl + V" or right-click and select "paste".
  • The URL for the highlighted comment will appear in the address bar.
  • You can copy and share this URL with others or use it to reference the highlighted comment later on.

How to Remove Highlighted Comments?

  • To remove highlighted comments on YouTube, find the highlighted comment on the video.
  • Copy the entire URL, including the comment parameter.
  • Reload the video by adding "&nohtc=1" to the end of the original video URL to disable comment highlights.
  • Paste the copied URL and hit enter to reload the video without any highlighted comment.
  • This process can be time-consuming if there are many highlighted comments to remove.
  • Removing highlighted comments can be helpful if they are distracting or disruptive.
  • Follow these steps to remove any highlighted comment and enjoy the original video without interruptions.

Are Highlighted Comments Beneficial?

Highlight comments are a great way to optimize the comment section of a Youtube video. For those unfamiliar with its function, a highlighted comment features specific replies or comments that are shown at the top of the section.

This feature is beneficial because it allows essential feedback or opinions to be seen easily without having to scroll through hundreds of comments. Additionally, a highlighted reply can provide further context or clarification to a comment.

The feature is also very user-friendly, and individuals with limited time can use it as a quick view for the most relevant comments.

Overall, whether you are a content creator or viewer, the highlighted comment feature is a great tool to use on Youtube. By highlighting relevant feedback and participation in your videos, you can keep your page engaging and help people identify the most important comments!


In the intricate world of YouTube, highlighted comments stand out as an intriguing feature that enhances engagement and interaction within the vast sea of viewer opinions.

Understanding how to create, locate, and remove highlighted comments brings forth a deeper comprehension of the platform's dynamics.

By deciphering the underlying mechanisms and exploring the interplay of algorithms, human interaction, and relevance, we unlock the secrets of this perplexing phenomenon.

Whether used to amplify responses or tame distractions, highlighted comments add a new layer to the YouTube experience, showcasing the complex web of connections that shape online conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How can I highlight my own comment on YouTube?

To highlight your own comment on YouTube, you can reply to a post with a timestamp or mention the person who created the original comment. When replying, select the "highlighted reply" feature to make your response stand out and gain more visibility.

Q2. Can I highlight someone else's comment on YouTube?

Yes, you can highlight someone else's comment on YouTube. To do so, simply mention the username of the person who created the comment in your own reply. This will notify them and draw attention to their comment.

Q3. Are highlighted comments available on all YouTube videos?

Yes, highlighted comments are available on most YouTube videos. However, it ultimately depends on the creator's preferences and the settings they have chosen for their videos. Some creators may choose to disable or limit the highlighting feature for various reasons, so it may not be present on every video.

Q4. How can highlighted comments impact the overall YouTube viewing experience?

Highlighted comments can enhance the YouTube viewing experience by emphasizing valuable contributions and fostering meaningful conversations. They offer a way for viewers to quickly identify noteworthy comments amidst the sea of responses, allowing for easier engagement and deeper community interaction.

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