Learn How To Clear YouTube Cache and use YouTube more efficiently.

If you're an avid YouTube user, you may have noticed occasional sluggishness or buffering issues while streaming videos.

One common culprit behind these performance hiccups is the cache stored by the YouTube app on your device. The cache comprises temporary files that help load videos faster by storing data locally. 


However, over time, this cache can accumulate and impact the app's functionality. That's where we come in to help!

In this article, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of clearing the YouTube cache on different platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and web browsers. By clearing the cache, you can free up valuable storage space and improve the overall performance of the YouTube app.

Need to clear cache for YouTube 

Clearing the cache for the YouTube app is essential for several reasons. Firstly, the cache consists of temporary files that are stored on your device to help load videos faster.

Over time, this cache can accumulate and become bloated, resulting in decreased performance and slower loading times. Clearing the cache allows you to start fresh and ensure optimal functionality.

Moreover, clearing the cache helps resolve common issues like buffering, freezing, or playback errors. By removing cached data, you can eliminate any corrupted or outdated files that might be causing these problems, thus improving your overall viewing experience.

Additionally, clearing the cache frees up valuable storage space on your device. This is especially beneficial if you frequently use YouTube or have limited storage capacity.

By regularly clearing the cache, you can reclaim storage and ensure that your device has enough room for other important files and apps.

How To Clear YouTube Cache in Android (2023)

You can follow these steps in order to clear your YouTube cache in Android:

1. Open your phone's settings app.

2. Navigate to the section labeled Apps or Apps and Notifications.

3. Scroll through the list of installed apps until you find the YouTube app

4. Tap on the YouTube app to access its settings page.

5. Look for the option labeled Storage and cache and select it.

6. On the Storage and cache page, you will find the Clear cache option.

7. Tap on Clear cache to proceed with clearing the cache for the YouTube app.

8. Wait for the process to complete, and you have successfully cleared the cache for the YouTube app on your device.

How To Clear YouTube Cache in Desktop (2023)

Below are the steps that you can follow to clear your youtube cache in your desktop:

Steps to clear youtube cache in chrome :

1. Locate the three dots at the top right corner of your browser window.

2. Click on the three dots to open a dropdown menu.

3. From the dropdown menu, choose the option labeled "More tools."

4. Another submenu will appear; select "Clear browsing data" from this submenu.

5. You will be taken to a new window or tab where you can customize your browsing data settings.

6. Look for the option to choose a time range and click on it.

7. From the options provided, select "All time" to clear all browsing data.

8. Locate the checkbox next to "Cached images and files" and ensure it is selected.

9. Finally, click on the button labeled "Clear data" to initiate the clearing of your browser's cached images and files.

By following these steps, you will be able to clear your browser's cached images and files effectively.

Steps to clear youtube cache in Safari :

1. Look for the Safari menu located at the top left corner of your screen, next to the Apple icon.

2. Click on the Safari menu to reveal a drop-down menu.

3. From the drop-down menu, select the option labeled "Preferences."

4. A new window will appear, displaying various preferences for Safari.

5. Inside the preferences window, locate and click on the tab labeled "Advanced."

6. Within the "Advanced" tab, you will find a checkbox option labeled "Show Develop menu in menu bar."

7. Tick the checkbox next to "Show Develop menu in menu bar" to enable this feature.

8. Once you've enabled the option, close the preferences window.

9. Now, look at the top menu bar again and click on the "Develop" menu.

10. A drop-down menu will appear, and from there, select the option "Empty Caches."

By following these steps, you will be able to access the Develop menu in Safari and clear your browser's caches effectively.

How To Clear YouTube Cache in iPhone (2023)

1. Locate and open the Settings app on your iPhone. You can find this gear-like icon in your phone's app gallery.

2. Within the Settings menu, scroll down and tap on "General" to proceed to the next step.

3. If desired, you can also adjust the display or brightness of your iPhone by tapping on "Display & Brightness" within the Settings menu.

4. Within the General menu, find and tap on "iPhone Storage" to access information about the storage used by various apps on your device.

5. Scroll through the list of apps and locate "YouTube." Tap on it to continue with the process of clearing the cache.

6. Look for the option labeled "Delete App" and tap on it. This will remove the YouTube app, along with its associated data and documents, from your iPhone.

7. Confirm your action by tapping on "Delete App" once again when prompted.

8. To download the YouTube app again, exit the Settings app and open the App Store on your iPhone.

9. Within the App Store, tap on the search icon located at the bottom of the screen.

10. In the search field, type "YouTube" and locate the app. Tap on the download icon to re-download it to your device.

By following these steps, you will be able to delete the cache for the YouTube app on your iPhone and then download a fresh copy from the App Store.


Clearing the cache not only helps improve the app's performance but also frees up valuable storage space on your device. This can be particularly beneficial if you frequently use YouTube and find yourself running low on storage capacity.

Remember, periodically clearing the cache is a good practice to maintain the smooth functioning of the YouTube app. You can now enjoy uninterrupted video streaming, faster loading times, and a more enjoyable viewing experience.

We hope that this guide has been informative and easy to follow, regardless of the device or platform you use to access YouTube. If you encounter any issues or have further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to YouTube's support team or consult the device-specific instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Why should I clear YouTube cache?

Clearing YouTube cache helps improve app performance, resolves playback issues, and frees up storage space on your device.

Q2. Will clearing YouTube cache delete my saved videos or playlists?

No, clearing the cache will not delete your saved videos or playlists. It only removes temporary files that help load videos faster.

Q3. How often should I clear the YouTube cache?

It is recommended to clear the cache periodically, especially if you experience buffering or performance issues while using the app.

Q4. Can I clear YouTube cache on my smartphone?

Yes, you can clear YouTube cache on smartphones. Simply follow the instructions provided in our guide specific to your device's operating system.

Q5. Does clearing YouTube cache delete my login information?

No, clearing the cache does not delete your login information. You will remain logged in to your YouTube account after clearing the cache.

Q6. Do I need an internet connection to clear YouTube cache?

No, an internet connection is not required to clear the YouTube cache on your device. It is a local action performed on your device.

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