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Annotations are a powerful feature that elevates the viewer's experience on YouTube.

These bubble-like boxes that appear on the screen provide interactive elements, allowing viewers to access additional content with just a click. 


Whether it's adding speech bubbles, notes, titles, labels, or spotlights, annotations offer a versatile way to enhance videos. By linking to playlists, channels, or other videos, creators can boost engagement and help viewers discover related content.

In this blog post, we will delve into the world of annotations on YouTube, exploring their various forms and how they can be used to create a more interactive and engaging viewing experience. Get ready to unlock the potential of annotations and take your YouTube videos to the next level.

What is Annotation in YouTube 

YouTube annotations are a useful tool that content creators can use to enhance their videos' overall success on the platform. Annotations are notes that appear on the YouTube video, which can be linkedable, scroll, and clickable.

These annotations allow the viewers to engage with the video content actively. A creator's goal should be to create interactive videos with annotations that engage viewers and encourage them to take specific actions.

Annotations can help creators to link to other videos, playlists, channels or even a website beyond YouTube. They can also be a handy tool to provide more information about the video content.

By using annotations, creators can set a specific time to appear on-screen, making it easy for the viewer to notice them.

Overall, annotations can help to increase the engagement of the viewers, provide more information, and link to other content, improving the overall success of the YouTube channel.

How to Add Annotations to YouTube Video

YouTube is a great platform for creating and uploading videos, and adding annotations to your videos can greatly enhance their engagement and interactivity. Here are the steps to add annotations to your YouTube video:

1. First, open the YouTube video editor and select the video in which you want to add annotations.

2. Click on the "Annotations" button, located in the menu below your video.

3. Select the "Add Annotation" tool, and choose the type of annotation you want to use, such as speech bubble, note, or spotlight.

4. Type in the text you want to display on the annotation.

5. Choose the timing and duration of the annotation, and select where you want it to appear on the video.

6. You can also add links to other YouTube videos or external websites.

7. Once you have finished annotating your video, click on the "Publish" button to save your changes and make the annotations visible on your video.

Adding annotations to your YouTube videos can be a powerful tool to engage your audience and provide additional information or guidance. By following these simple steps, you can quickly and easily annotate your videos and create a more interactive experience for your viewers.

Use Annotations To Link To Videos, Playlists, Channels & More

  • Annotations are bubble-like boxes that enhance the viewer's experience on YouTube.
  • There are five forms of annotations: speech bubbles, notes, titles, labels, and spotlights.
  • Speech bubbles are used for quick comments or feedback.
  • Notes allow creators to write longer explanations or descriptions linked to the video.
  • Titles help users navigate playlists or specific videos.
  • Labels share short messages or promote content.
  • Spotlights highlight specific buttons or clips.
  • Annotations can be linked to playlists, channels, or other videos.
  • Creators can link annotations to their own YouTube channel for increased visibility.
  • Annotations can also link to other channels or playlists to help viewers discover new content.
  • Annotations can be added by clicking on the video's menu and selecting "Annotations."
  • Annotations are a powerful tool to increase engagement and link to other videos on YouTube.


In conclusion, annotations in YouTube were once a powerful tool for creators to enhance their videos with interactive elements.

However, YouTube discontinued annotations in favor of more mobile-friendly alternatives like Cards and End Screens. While annotations are no longer available, creators can still utilize the newer features to engage viewers and provide additional information.

As YouTube evolves, it's important for creators to adapt and explore the ever-expanding array of interactive options to maximize audience engagement and create compelling content.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do annotations work on mobile devices?

No, annotations did not work on mobile devices. This was one of the reasons for their discontinuation. However, Cards and End Screens are mobile-friendly and can be accessed by viewers on their smartphones and tablets.

Q: What was the purpose of annotations on YouTube?

The purpose of annotations was to provide an interactive layer to videos, allowing creators to engage viewers by adding text, links, and other interactive elements. They were used for enhancing the viewing experience, promoting other videos or channels, and providing additional information.

Q: Why did YouTube discontinue annotations?

YouTube discontinued annotations due to their limited effectiveness, especially on mobile devices, where they were not supported. YouTube replaced annotations with Cards and End Screens, which offer improved interactivity and better compatibility with various devices.

Q: Can I still watch videos with annotations on YouTube?

No, you cannot watch videos with annotations on YouTube anymore. However, you can still find older videos that were published before annotations were discontinued, which may still have annotations enabled.

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